Affleck Family

2 family
175 Hectares
farming land
Milking Cows

Hot toast in the morning is the ultimate butter delight for this family.  The West Coast provides them the inspiration to undertake new hobbies, and has encouraged them to experience a different way of life.

How long have you been farming? 
Anna grew up on a dairy farm  and we’ve been dairy farming together for 15 years. This is our 3rd season here in Ikamatua, supplying to Westland. 

What is your favourite way to eat butter at home?
I just love it simply spread on hot toast.

What is you and your family’s favourite hobby together? What other activities do you enjoy around the farm?
I love photography, so much so that I’m studying online at the moment for my Diploma in Digital Photography.  I’m almost halfway through.  We have the perfect subject matter here, with the constantly changing colours of the sky and sunsets, the bright vivid greens of the grasses and native trees, the animals and the birds – especially the wood pigeons and tuis.

What is the best part of farming on the West Coast?
We moved over here in 2013 for both the climate and the scenery.  We love the landscape here – the trees, the hills, the walking tracks on our doorstep.

What is your family’s favourite meal?
Freshly caught wild venison steak.