Jarman Family

5 family
340 Hectares
farming land
Milking Cows

The Jarman family farm has been in the family since 1963.  They are a special part of the Westland family, with a love for farming, and spending hours baking with the extended family.  Their story is fascinating.

How long have you been farming? 
This farm, in Darfield, has been in our family for five generations, since 1863. This month, we’re celebrating our family’s 150th anniversary on our Darfield farm.   Five generations have farmed this land since 1863, including my husband and me for the last forty years.

What is your favourite way to eat butter at home?
I really enjoy baking with my three year old granddaughter, teaching her the traditional arts of butter and sugar.  She loves making cupcakes, and we make bread almost as an alternative to playdough, she loves getting her hands all sticky.  My favourite would have to be hot cross buns dripping with butter.

Women in the 1930s were real artists in butter and sugar, and such wonderful bakers.  Delicious traditional baking always uses good quality butter.  There’s nothing like using a bit of butter if you want things to taste beautiful - butter in your mashed potatoes, like cream in your custard, really gives it the authentic, traditional taste.

What is you and your family’s favourite hobby together? What other activities do you enjoy around the farm?
We like to go walking and get outdoors.  This year, we’re looking forward to cycling the Otago Rail trail.  I’ve recently retired and now I’m enjoying learning the harp. 

What is your family’s favourite meal?
When you live in the country you have to be able to whizz up things quickly for unexpected drop-ins and hungry workers, so I’ve made plenty of big pots of soup, with scones and cheese toasties. 

When the kids come home, without fail they want roast lamb.  I like to do a slow roasted hogget, Greek style.  I mean really slow roasted, for 8 or 9 hours.