Lange Family

4 family
300 Hectares
farming land
Milking Cows

Feeding calves on the farm is a favourite past time for this young family.   And aside from their love the country environment for farming, they also look after a garden of stunning blooms.

How long have you been farming? 
Ged’s been farming since he was 8 years old, milking with his Dad.  He’s had this farm in Kowhitirangi, Hokitika, since 2002, and he and I have farmed it in partnership since 2006.

What is your favourite part of supplying for Westgold?
Seeing the product of our labour, and knowing I can use my own butter in my baking.  It’s that chain, from our farm to the factory and back to us again.

What is your favourite way to eat butter at home?
I do a lot of baking with the kids, and when they have friends over, they all like to get their hands in and crumb the butter.  It’s messy but that’s half the fun.  We love french toast, pikelets, biscuits, and there’s always a lot of cakes in our house, especially when there’s harvesting to be done.

I try to bake it all myself, our guys like foods that are chunky and they can hold in a hand, because they don’t like to stop when they are on the tractors.  I feed them up with solid sandwiches with butter, and thick slices of ham.

What is you and your family’s favourite hobby together? What other activities do you enjoy around the farm?
The girls like bringing the cows up to the shed – not if the bull’s on the farm though!  They love helping to feed the calves (when it’s not raining), and they are getting old enough to help out in the cowshed.

What is the best part of farming on the West Coast?
It’s pretty idyllic here.  I love knowing that we’re producing something that other people are going to use, and I’m not stuck in an office.  At the moment I have 300 tulips and daffodils flowering around the house, native Kowhai trees in flower full of kingfishers and tuis.

We enjoy a bit of fishing down the back where there are good trout in the river.