McKay Family

4 family
94 Hectares
farming land
Milking Cows

Brought up on farms his entire life, Kelvin McKay is now passing on this tradition to his young family.  They love spending time on the farm together, as well as enjoying everything else the West Coast lifestyle has to offer.

How long have you been farming? 
Kelvin comes from a family of farmers and has been farming off and on his whole life.  Our family have been on the West Coast for ten years, with three years on their current farm just south of Greymouth, supplying Westland.

What is your favourite way to eat butter at home?
We love enjoying all sorts of home baking using Westgold butter - especially loaves and cakes.

What is you and your family’s favourite hobby together? What other activities do you enjoy around the farm?
The kids like to go out on the farm.  At the moment we have calves so they enjoy helping to feed them, and they play in the hay bales any opportunity they get.  When we’re not on the farm, we like going for picnics at the lake, going down to the beach, getting outdoors.

What is the best part of farming on the West Coast?
There’s a great lifestyle here for young families.  The Coast is a great farming community to be part of, and you can’t beat being outdoors on a perfect day.

What is your family’s favourite meal?
Well – the girls would say homemade pizza, but Kelvin can’t go past a roast!