Prep time

15 minutes


Cook time

15 minutes






2 square sheets of good quality flaky pastry (the type made with butter of course!)
1 or 2 eating apples
Brown sugar
Wesgold butter
A little milk or beaten egg
Cream, icecream or yoghurt 



Pre heat your oven to 200°c.


Put one sheet of pastry onto an oven tray lined with non stick baking paper. Cut 1.5cm wide strips off the other sheet to build a “wall” two or three layers deep around the edge of the base sheet, using a little milk or beaten egg to stick the layers together.


Peel, quarter and slice an apple thinly (eating apples are better than cooking apples for this as the slices stay firm whereas cooking apples go mushy). Layer the slices of apple neatly so each slightly overlaps the other, keeping the fruit inside the raised pastry edge (use more than one apple if necessary). Sprinkle with brown sugar and a little cinnamon to taste.


Using a cheese slicer, peel wide but thin strips of butter and place it on top of the fruit one layer thick whilst ensuring the fruit is well covered.


Bake until the pastry is well risen and golden brown and the fruit is starting to caramelise (approx. 15 minutes)


Serve with a dollop of cream, icecream or yoghurt (we love to use EasiYo homemade yoghurt).

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