From our family to yours

Pure New Zealand Butter

The delicious rich creamy taste, light golden colour and smooth melting texture of our Westgold™ butter is sought-after in countries ranging from Australia to China and Azerbaijan.

WestgoldTM was founded on a butter making tradition that dates back to 1893, with generations of West Coast pride and dedication packed into every block. Our expert butter makers use the time honoured Fritz method to churn fresh cream into delicious, golden Westgold butter. The perfect companion for your kitchen.

In New Zealand you can find Westgold butter in Countdown, Fresh Choice, New World & selected Pak N Save supermarkets nationwide. 

Salted Butter

Available in 250g & 400g

Salted Salted 400g front

Westgold salted butter is a Westland original, and has been a favourite of the West Coast locals throughout the years. With a rich and creamy taste, Westgold salted butters are a great complement to any meal.

Average Serve size (5g) per 100g
Energy 153kJ (37kCal) 3050kJ (730kCal)
Protein 0.03g 0.5g
Fat total 4.1g 82.1g
Saturated 2.7g 53.1g
Trans fat 0.2g 3.8g
Total 0.02g 0.4g
Sugar 0.02g 0.4g
Sodium (mg) 28mg 550mg
Potassium (mg) 1.2mg 24mg

Whether it’s atop your favourite vegetables, in a steak sauce or dripping off hot toast, nothing beats pure butter with a hint of salt.

Unsalted Butter

Available in 250g & 400g

Unsalted 400g front

Westgold unsalted butter is made from fresh cream and that's it. It is a versatile product that works in most baking and cooking applications, especially desserts!

Average Serve size (5g) per 100g
Energy 156kJ (37kCal) 3110kJ (743kCal)
Protein 0.02g 0.3g
Fat total 4.2g 83.6g
Saturated 2.7g 54.7g
Trans fat 0.2g 3.8g
Total 0.03g 0.5g
Sugar 0.03g 0.5g
Sodium (mg) 0.3mg 6.9mg
Potassium (mg) 1mg 20mg

Unsalted butter partners beautifully with home baking, providing the buttery flavour and texture you love.