Lisa OBriens Sausage Meat and Sage Stuffed Turkey

Scrumptious super tasty and tender! What a way to eat turkey! Try not eat the stuffing - it's impossible to stop! This is a fantastic Christmas or family meal as it doesn't take long to prepare and the pay off is huge. Paired beautifully with new potatoes, fresh minted peas and a crunchy green salad.

Tips with Butter

Mix up some rosemary and HP sauce with Westgold Butter, roll it into a log using greaseproof paper, and freeze to create a “ready-to-eat” steak sauce.


One free range butterfly turkey

Sausage meat and sage stuffing
8 slices of thick toast sliced Molenberg bread toasted
1 leek
6 slices of streaky bacon
4-6 cloves of crushed garlic
Fresh sage
Dried sage
1 pkt sausage meat
2 tablespoons of cranberry jelly
1/2 cup dried cranberries chopped finely
2 eggs
50gms of Westgold butter
Salt and pepper
Extra streaky bacon

Sage butter
100gms of Westgold butter
1 large tsp of dried sage


Preheat BBQ to 180 degrees.  We used a BBQ with a lid. 

For the sage butter
Melt together and use to baste turkey.

For the sausage meat and sage stuffing
Toast the bread and when cold blitz in kitchen whizz
Finely dice leek
Cut bacon into lardons
Crush garlic
Sauté all together in 50gms of Westgold butter
Add all other ingredients together and mix well with hands.

For the Turkey
Put half the stuffing between the breast and skin of the turkey.
Wrap/cover the turkey with the extra streaky bacon.
When BBQ has reached temperature, put the turkey in.
With the left over stuffing roll it into small balls the size of a golf ball and wrap in bacon. When the turkey has been in the bbq for half an hour add the stuffing balls. It will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to cook.
Remove turkey and stuffing balls and let rest for 20 minutes.

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