Fish with Caper Sauce

Difficulty - Easy
Prep time - 5 minutes
Cook time - 5 minutes
Serves - 2 people

Fish with Caper Sauce

If you are looking for a quick, simple and tasty mid week meal – then this one ticks all the boxes. The fresh fish, with a crunchy coating topped off with the flavour filled caper and butter sauce then served with lightly stir fried vegetables is simple, but exploding with flavour.

Tips with Butter

Mix up some rosemary and HP sauce with Westgold Butter, roll it into a log using greaseproof paper, and freeze to create a “ready-to-eat” steak sauce.


Approximately 300g of gurnard (or other white fish)
1 egg lightly beaten
50g of Westgold butter
Capers – about 10-20 per serving
Salt & pepper 
Lemon wedges


Firstly prepare the fish.
Crumb the fish by coating in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, dipping in egg and then coating in breadcrumbs.
Melt the Westgold butter in the frying pan on a medium heat, then pan fry the fish on one side for a few minutes until golden. 
When you turn the fish over, add the capers to the pan (make sure you’ve drained them first) and fry the fish and capers together until the fish is just cooked. 

When you serve the fish, tip the remaining butter and capers over the fish and serve with a wedge of lemon.

Lovely served with stir fried vegetables – keep it light and simple by stir frying the veges in a little olive oil and Westgold butter and letting their flavours do the talking.

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