Venison Tournedo

Difficulty - Hard
Prep time - 10 minutes
Cook time - 15 minutes
Serves - 1 person

Venison Tournedo

Have an opportunity to show off – here is how to do it! For optimal flavour and tenderness, serve the tournedo or medallions medium-rare to medium and rest for several minutes. You will achieve silky smooth truffle mash by using a mouli, or you can use a stick blender if you don’t have one of these handy. Once you have poured the beurre rouge sauce over then serve up with good friends for a special meal.

Tips with Butter

Westgold Butter whipped in a food processor turns out super white and light, to serve with that special meal.


180g venison tournedo or medallions
100g Westgold butter  
50 ml olive oil 
1 sprig rosemary
Salt and pepper

Truffle mash
1 Agria potato (250gms)
200g Westgold Butter
Salt, pepper
Truffle oil

Beurre Rouge sauce
250ml red wine (preferably merlot)
1 shallot
300g Westgold butter
Salt and pepper to taste


Season the venison with salt & pepper, and place into a hot fry pan with oil and butter. Add the rosemary and baste momentarily.
Cook for 3 minutes each side until medium rare. Rest the meat for 3-5minutes.

Prepare the mash by boiling the potato, then process using a mouli. Add the butter, and drizzle with truffle oil - adjusting the seasoning with salt and pepper.

Sweat the shallot in butter, then deglaze with red wine. Reduce by half on a medium heat then add the chopped butter until you get the creamy consistency.
Season with salt and pepper.

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